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Current Events

Insight on topics that are occurring all over our world, no matter the topics

Global Themes

Such as inequality, politics, governance, migration peace and protest, indigeneity, the environment, health, and human rights


Watkinson Environmental Coalition 

is a group that helps the environmental aspect on not only Watkinson's campus, but brainstorming ideas on how to help the greater world


In Global Studies, we go to specific events relating to current events that our teacher organizes and write event responses to the ones we go to. 

Justice Breyer Forum 261 Web700

Events include:

Caitlyn Wolfe

Oneika Raymond

Justice Breyer 

Adam Alter 

Ambassador of Pakistan

Ya Rath 

Bolokada Conde



I am currently a senior attending Watkinson School in Hartford Connecticut. I am taking advantage of a Global Studies program. This program allows me to research a topic of my choice and to educate others. This research can be directed into a capstone project, where I can go in depth about a topic revolving Global Studies.

I have always been interested in the War on Terrorism because it is so prevalent in our current world, even with all the new breakthroughs we are making in science. With all of these positives can come negatives which are evident in terrorism. Terrorism in the Middle-East is very over reported so I have decided to research the terrorism in places such as Africa where terrorism impacts the community even more.  

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Aidan Pangilinan


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